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Among the deprivations attributed to the institution of slavery, the opportunity for worship was not denied. In fact, religious life was a means of imposing Western culture upon African people. Careful control of the black man’s religious expression was maintained by keeping him in constant view during his religious exercise. To allow the Negro the right of assembly for any reason, created a potential for insurrection and rebellion. For this reason, a lave gallery was an important feature of the architectural design of a pioneer not be denied freedom of assembly and the choice of religious expression. 

Arnett Chapel AME Church

Maintained by THE MINT   -   Copyright © Arnett Chapel AME Church. All rights reserved.

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" The Historic Marker Dedication Service will be the 4th Sunday @ 3PM. Guest Speaker Bishop A.J. Richrdson, Jr. * "Bible Study" every Wednesday night @ 7:00pm "

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